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2.7 – Is My Bike Roadworthy?

So you’ve just purchased your first motorbike: Congratulations! You are almost ready to take to the roads and gain some real world motorcycling experience on your own, but first there are a few things to do before you can ride your bike legally if they haven’t been done already.

Change of ownership
If you have purchased your […]

2.8 – Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

Any vehicle that is to be driven, or even parked on public roads must be insured, by law. On this page you will learn about the three main types of bike insurance, what can affect your premium and how you can get the best deal.

Types of […]

3.1a.1 – The Practical Motorcycle Tests In Detail

At this point, you are only two tests away from having your full motorcycle licence and being free to ride a motorcycle without L-plates! This page will tell you everything you need to know about the practical test.

The practical, including the DAS consists of two parts: Module 1 and Module 2, both of which may […]

3.1a.2 – Practical Motorcycle Test – Helpful Tips

Holding your practical test pass certificate can still seem far away if you feel unprepared, even if the tests are only days away, but there are a few things you can do before and during the test that could make the difference between entering the test unprepared and feeling confident.

Before the Test
The weeks and days running […]

3.2a – Congratulations! – After you Pass

As soon as you have passed your practical motorcycle test, your examiner will send your details, along with your photocard licence to the DVLA; you don’t need to do anything special.

You should receive your full licence within 3 weeks; the category of licence you will receive depends on your age and the type of test […]

3.2b – If You Fail – What Next

We have a page dedicated to when you pass, so we would be remiss not to deal with the possibility of failure. If you fail your Module 2 test don’t worry, you are not alone; around one third of all people who attempted their Module 2 test in 2013 failed their first time. This page […]

Riding in Adverse Conditions

Let’s face it, in Britain we don’t get perfect riding weather all the time, far from it, but should you stop riding just because the weather turns nasty? Of course not!

This post will offer you some simple pointers to help you avoid mistakes and potential accidents when having to ride in adverse weather conditions.

If you […]

Safer Riding At Night

Riding at night on an empty road is one of life’s little known pleasures, but without proper precautions, even an experienced motorcyclist can come unstuck. It is important if you intend on riding your motorcycle in the dark to be aware of the potential dangers and the increased risk. In this post we will outline some of […]