Getting Started

i – Welcome, about us

Welcome to Motorbike Test HQ!
The internet is stuffed with information from motorcycling schools, government websites and other informational sites on every facet of the process of passing your bike test but all of this incomplete and disjointed information can be confusing to understand and offers nothing in the way of structure to guide you on […]

ii – Starting your journey – The Provisional Licence

What is a provisional licence?
Just like driving, beginning your journey to becoming a fully fledged motorcyclist starts with a provisional licence. The provisional licence is a temporary licence that you hold while learning and allows you to ride on the public roads without having passed your test but comes with a strict set of restrictions […]

iii – The Path to your Motorbike Licence

As of the 19th January 2013, changes were made in accordance with new EU rulings to the way learners attain different categories of their motorbike licence. These changes have resulted in a mess of names and restrictions that can be utterly confusing to someone just starting out on their path to motorcycling. This page will clear […]