1.1 – Compulsory Basic Training – Mastering the Basics

Congratulations on receiving your provisional licence; you’ve taken the first step to becoming a fully qualified motorcyclist!

Before you can ride a motorcycle of any capacity on the public roads, you need to complete Compulsory Basic Training.
The CBT is a primer course that will teach you the very basics of how to operate and handle a […]

1.2 – Starting Motorbike Lessons – Picking the Right Instructor

When shopping around in your local directory, you’re bound to find dozens of instructors, each offering nearly the same services. This page will show you a number of factors to consider so you can make an informed decision on which motorcycle riding school or instructor to go for when booking your CBT and looking for […]

1.3 – The CBT In Detail

Every instructor will conduct the CBT slightly differently but all of them will go through five main stages.

These are called the Elements and each one offers training in different areas of theory or practical skill and each last for different amounts of time:


Element A – introduction to the CBT – ~30 minutes
Element B – practical on-site […]

1.4.1 – The Motorcycle Theory Test

What is the Theory Test?
The Motorcycle Theory test is a two part examination that will assess your knowledge and understanding of the law, different riding concepts and how various conditions can affect your riding. These concepts are essential for a safe and successful riding career.

When, where and how to book
You can choose to book a […]

1.4.2 – Motorcycle Theory Test: Tips and Advice

The prospect of being faced with 50 questions followed by a hazard perception test can seem daunting at first, but when you consider that the questions are mostly common sense, and the hazard perception is merely observation, you begin to see that it’s not as hard you may have first thought. With the right approach, […]

1.5 – The Direct Access Scheme Dissected

If you want a jump-start into your motorcycling career, are 24 or over, and want unrestricted access to riding any motorcycle, the Direct Access Scheme (or DAS) is the best option for you.

The Direct Access Scheme is conducted over the course of three to six days, depending on your level of experience and once completed […]