As soon as you have passed your practical motorcycle test, your examiner will send your details, along with your photocard licence to the DVLA; you don’t need to do anything special.

You should receive your full licence within 3 weeks; the category of licence you will receive depends on your age and the type of test you underwent as explained way back in “The Path to Your Motorcycle Licence” (seems like so long ago now, doesn’t it?).

Congratulations on passing your practical riding tests, you are now a fully fledged motorcyclist!

Thus concludes the core chapters of Motorbike Test HQ, well done!

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Welcome to the world of Motorcycling!

If you are under 24, you will need to retake your practical test again in two years, or when you turn 24, which ever comes first, but as long as you retain what you have learnt, you’ll become a safer rider, and find your next test a walk in the park!


Ready to upgrade?

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