2.1.1 – Gearing up – The Helmet

The helmet is the most important piece of equipment you need to ride a motorcycle, it is your lifeline when things go awry and without it, you drastically reduce your chances of surviving an impact.

There are […]

2.1.2 – Fitting a Motorcycle Helmet

As you saw on the last page, motorbike helmets come in many different shapes and sizes; now that you have chosen a style of helmet, you need to know how to get the right fit. […]

2.2 – Gearing up – The Motorcycle Jacket and Trousers

Now that you’ve got a helmet sorted out, you are probably going to be thinking about the rest of your biking gear, after all, what good is a helmet if you leave the rest of […]

2.3 – Gearing up – Motorcycle Gloves

Now that your head and body are protected, it is time to offer your hands the same protection. These are two of the main appendages you use to operate your bike, and yet they are […]

2.4 – Gearing up – Motorcycle Boots


When covering your feet, “they take too long to put on” is no excuse if you’re about to take to the roads on a motorcycle. Your feet are the closest appendage to the ground and […]

2.5.1 – Choosing a Motorcycle – The Types of Motorcycle

With so many types, sizes  and engine configurations to choose from, picking a motorcycle can be a difficult decision for learners and experienced riders alike. There are many things to consider before taking the plunge […]

2.5.2 – Choosing a Motorcycle – Which Bike is Right for Me?

Now that you have an understanding of the different types of motorbike, the time has come to choose one! There are many aspects that can influence your decision, and the following guide will highlight some […]

2.6 – Buying a Used Bike Safely

As discussed on the previous page, buying a brand new motorcycle has many advantages, but can be very costly for learners in both initial purchase and resale. If you plan on moving onto a larger […]

2.7 – Is My Bike Roadworthy?

So you’ve just purchased your first motorbike: Congratulations! You are almost ready to take to the roads and gain some real world motorcycling experience on your own, but first there are a few things to […]

2.8 – Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

Any vehicle that is to be driven, or even parked on public roads must be insured, by law. On this page you will learn about the three main types of bike insurance, what can affect […]