Welcome to Motorbike Test HQ!

The internet is stuffed with information from motorcycling schools, government websites and other informational sites on every facet of the process of passing your bike test but all of this incomplete and disjointed information can be confusing to understand and offers nothing in the way of structure to guide you on your journey.

Motorbike Test HQ aims to change all that by offering you an easy to follow, structured approach from  start to finish, completely free!

First, a quick disclaimer: Motorbike Test HQ should not be used to replace motorcycle lessons or as a Theory test study guide, we simply guide you through your motorcycle training so you can get your licence as quickly and cheaply as possible.

How it works

On Motorbike Training HQ you will find all the information you need to guide you through your motorcycle training divided into three easy-to-follow chapters: Learn, Prepare and Pass.

Learn: In this chapter, you will take the first steps to passing your motorcycle test by completing your Compulsory Basic Training and passing the motorcycle theory test. In this chapter, we also cover the Direct Access Scheme, a route for those over 24 wanting to take the direct route onto a ‘big bike’.

Prepare: This chapter is all about preparing for the road so you can safely practice on your own. What gear to get, what to look for in your first bike and how to make you and your bike and road ready, it’s all covered here.

Pass: The final part of your journey, this chapter will guide you up to your practical test, breaking it down and imparting useful advice on how to make the most of it, including do’s and don’ts, mindset and useful tips for before and after the test.

Motorbike Test HQ doesn’t stop once you have your bike licence, be sure to check out the Blog, a section offering useful advice on every facet of the world of motorcycling to those that have passed their test and want to make the most of their motorcycling career!

Your journey starts with the provisional licence. The next page will explain what the provisional licence is and how to get one.

Starting your journey – The Provisional Driving Licence >